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After two years of relentless touring in support of their debut album, Flashbulb Fires sought inspiration and solace deep in the mountains of Colorado to begin work on a new collection of songs. Taking in the scope of their surroundings, they were moved to create something bigger and more daring than their previous work. It wasn’t an effort to indulge, but rather, to capture. The result is GASCONADER, a vivid glowing statement.

The band’s first LP was known for being a bold and brooding narrative that took aim at the dark underbelly of suburban-American culture. Called “one of the best indie-rock albums of the year” by Des Moines City View and “emotional and engulfing” by Dallas Morning News, Glory (2009) remains an intimate reflection of spiritual conflict woven among heartbreaking brass and echoing vocal harmony. Yet, within the stirring and impassioned performances that encompass Flashbulb Fires' debut album, there are moments where something more grandiose is lurking just beneath the surface. These moments read like illusive musical promises that whisper of an impending harmonic bravado. In fact, the narrative that found its beginnings on Glory had only just taken root. GASCONADER is the culmination of those promises and every bit the triumphant kaleidoscopic pop that Flashbulb Fires hinted at on their first record.

GASCONADER is a distinct modern take on a seemingly nostalgic voice. It evokes moments of Motown and 80’s pop that are quickly twisted and decapitated into more sinister versions of the originals. The textures are hazy and swirling and at times the band delves into a vandal-graffiti inspired punk ethos full of charisma and dramatic flare. When the smoke clears, there is just enough space for singer Patrick McGuire’s intimate melodies and the distant harmony of a ghostly choir.

The album is not only large in breadth sonically, but also thematically as it skirts the boundaries of the “concept album” definition. GASCONADER takes a biting satirical look at a religious culture so prevalent in modern Middle America. The album’s bombastic narrator, a steadfast evangelical, boastfully proclaims his own righteousness and begs a lover to see the light before the impending rapture. McGuire’s lyrics and characters are informed by his own conflicted past, one in which he was shuttled perpetually between his Catholic father and Mormon mother. Now an atheist, the singer explores his lingering struggle to connect in a meaningful way with old friends and family along with the hypocrisy of the culture he grew up in.

GASCONADER's principal narrator, as well as the music itself, embodies the aptly named album, its personality and tone full of surly magnetism and fearless swagger. With the release of their latest record, Flashbulb Fires undoubtedly cements their unique voice as a modern American band.


released May 15, 2012



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Flashbulb Fires Denver, Colorado

"It is clear from listening to Flashbulb Fires that this group is on its way to big things, and as such,Gasconader is more of a statement than an album." - Matt Pusatory, AV Club

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Track Name: I Beat My Body Down

I will wash my mouth
Underneath the holiest water
Dreaming of the end
The end with you

I beat my body down
I will grow my hair like Samson
Dreaming of the end
The end with you
When I found you out
There was just no time for patience
I told the truth
The best I could
But your heart was hard
Ears deaf to deadly warnings
Nothing I said
Would change your mind

Dreaming of the end with you

And the road to hell
Is paved with our good intentions
Don't be polite
Polite with me

So won't you wash your mouth
Underneath the holiest water
Come watch the end
The end with me

Darling, I can hardly wait

Nothing in this life is ever permanent
You should've learned that by now
Track Name: The Whale
Let it come
Let it come
I wish that I could disconnect myself
From what is going on, going on
I see the colors, but they bleed so well

Let it burn
Let it burn
I want to see the light come from the flames
And in the morning light, morning light
I swear to god that things don't look the same

When the winds came
I blew down
When the fire came
I burned out

Let it come
Let it come
I said let it come
Let it come
Track Name: Dark Ghost (I've Got Arms)
I've got arms that are reaching for the sky
With reverent hands and a soul that's said to never die
And I know that you will lift me up
Oh my god when will you lift me up?

A wretched lust has been banging on the door
With subtle teeth and a purpose that is true and sure
And I know that she's been taking time
For the moment that I'll call her mine

Oh, what faithful patient sorrow?
Daughter I won't feel it tomorrow
No, I won't

In my dreams I am burning in a fire
With a dutiful stare on a modern stake I take my trial
And my ashes hang over the streets
Of the righteous and the now redeemed
Oh, I float
Like a dark ghost

I float
I float

I've got arms that are reaching for the sky
Track Name: Cult Life

They had us lining up in rows
Relieved us of our rags and dressed us in new clothes
They taught us things we could believe
About a desperate world, filled with misery

I remember dim sunlight
Washing us until we were right
Living in the cult night and day
I heard them singing in the streets
I saw them sharpening their teeth
They waitied, sizing up a lamb
I saw them poised and ready to attack
What once was brilliant white
Turns crimson red in just one bite
Living in the cult night and day

Why won't you look me in the eyes?
Oh how the darkness stalks the light
Why can't we leave this group behind?
What would we ever do without cult life?

I remember dreaming of
Violent grace and honest love
Living in the cult night and day
Track Name: Marathon

I've been running in a terrible race
Through Arizona down to silver lake
Brooklyn's cold
Chicago won't be swayed
By the length of my stride
And my vicious pace
Oh my darling I'll be clear
I'm about to leave you here alone
Track Name: Serious Way

I want a hope
Hovering up above like a star
Tied to a rope
So I can hold it whenever I want

I want your love
Stabbing me like some serious way
I want your heart
I'll drink your blood and I'll eat your body
Can you help me out?
When I'm on my way down
Like a cigarette lit up
Like a cigarette lit up
I'll have your shame
Washing over me like a terrible wave
When your luck runs out
I'll be the bed where you can lay down

I will help you out
When you're on your way down
Like a cigarette lit up
Like a cigarette lit up
Track Name: Holy War, Bitter Prophets

Love, I've been waiting
For you to step out into honest light
And I wish you'd come around sooner
For I fear that the end of days is nigh

Will you meet me after the rapture?
When things will be set right
Oh I hope you'll be there
So we can live together after life
Oh, oh, oh
I don't want to see what I'm seeing
When I'm dreaming of you
Holy war, bitter prophets
The stars will fall from their place in the sky
And honey you
You can't stop it
No matter how hard you try
And I will be gone